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Start point: Car Rental Dalyan Turkey--Dalyan Candir Village (3.92 km)


Created by: Turgay Uceren 


Short description: This is a 3.92 km scooter route (Dalyan-Dalyan Candir Village) in Dalyan Turkey. The route has a total ascent of 59 m and has a maximum elevation of 57 m. 



Hotels on the scooter route: Dalyan Taşdan Backpacker Hostel - Dalyan Tezcan Hotel - Dalyan Dönmez Hotel - Dalyan Caria Premium Hotel - Dalyan Sahil Cinar Pansiyon

on the scooter route: Dalyan Kebapcim Restaurant - Dalyan Caretta Pizza Restaurant-  Dalyan Ali's Restaurant - Dalyan Kösem Restaurant - Dalyan Kordon Restaurant - Dalyan Yener's Place Restaurant - Dalyan Medusa Restaurant - Dalyan Begonville Restaurant - Dalyan Gecit Restaurant - Dalyan Multi Culti Restaurant - Dalyan Temsi Restaurant - Dalyan Cardak Tunay Restaurant - Dalyan Sini Restaurant - Dalyan Saki Restaurant - Dalyan Other Side Restaurant

Resting places on the scooter route: Many cafe's and restaurants

on the scooter route: Turtle Statue Dalyan Turkey - Dalyan Mosque - Rock Cut Tombs of Dalyan - Ancient City of Kaunos - Candir Village - Nomad Museum

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Candir Village


Candir Village



Candir located in the hills next to the ruins of ancient city Kaunos near the tourist resort of Dalyan. The village was originally settled around the turn of the century by nomadic Bulgarian Turks. A myth about the movie African Queen with Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn was filmed in the reed belt along the Dalyan - a myth. It was actually filmed on location in Africa in Uganda and the Congo, as well as in London Studios.



Kaunos Amphitheater


The village Candir is a few kilometers from the ruins of the ancient city of Kaunos - a port on the Mediterranean. First Kaunos was a separate state; then it became a part of Caria and later of Lycia. The ruins of Kaunos are now removed about 8 kilometers from the coast because of its recession by silting.


Candir Lagoon


There is a small lagoon on the shores of the Mediterranean in Candir. The village always depended on fishing in the sea and would ride in this lagoon for fishing trips from the small harbor. Today there are small stone arch in the rocks, the harbor, where the families would love to leave burning candles in anticipation cut line returning from the sea. It is in this lagoon, brought the modern tourists on excursion boats to see the endangered Caretta Caretta turtle surfacing in the water.




Village life is today much as it has since nomadic Turks inhabited the area. Although many of the families in the village get their resources to support the tourism industry, their day to day lives are not changed so much. The fact that the only way to reach the village is by rowboat or by boat has helped make the town changed from the invasion and through tourism. Candir can be achieved by driving over the mountain from Koycegiz, but rarely is the tourist, is the knowledge of this road.


Candir Rowboats


For the residents who are the nightlife, bars, restaurants and holiday amenities just a rowboat ride away without any of the downside changes that toursim brings to an area. Being on a lazy rowboat able "commuting" in Dalyan



The museum is a tribute to the ancient customs of the Yörük population. started so that they do not end up in oblivion. The museum makes a nice trip in combination with the Kaunos City Wall walk and the niche graves in the port of Çandır.


You can sit down for a chat and a drink after your walk.

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