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Start point: Car Rental Dalyan Turkey--Mergenli Village (11.63 km)


Created by: Turgay Uceren 


Short description: This is a 11.63  km scooter route (Dalyan-Mergenli Village) in Dalyan Turkey. The route has a total ascent of 205.96 m and has a maximum elevation of 157.03 m. 


Hotels on the scooter route: Pearl Appertments Dalyan, Grande Prestige Apart Dalyan, Acar Park Hotel Dalyan, Binlik Hotel Dalyan, Bauhouse Hostel Dalyan

on the scooter route:  Bengisu Treehouse Restaurant Dalyan, Dalyan Waterful Restaurant & Bar, Begonville House Restaurant Dalyan, Nar Danesi Restaurant & Cafe Dalyan, Gölbasi Restaurant Dalyan

Resting places on the scooter route:

on the scooter route: Turtle Statue Dalyan Turkey - Golbasi Restaurant - Lake Sulungur - Ekin Dip Dag Restaurant - Gokbel Village - Mergenli Village

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Mergenli Village


Mergenli Village


The village Mergenli that lies in the middle between Dalyan and Sarigerme.


Sarigerme and Mergenli formerly a village, because of the growing population they parted soon. There are great links between these villages due to the relative proportions of the inhabitants.


If you want to see undisturbed village life, not much, although it is close to tourist beaches and in the heart of the tourist, then make your way towards Mergenli.


Mergenli road is also used as an abbreviation of the drivers of Dalyan to Sarigerme. Road winds and in some places there are sharp and blind corners, so please be careful. However, most of the roads are on a level surface and the distance is very visible.


The people are very friendly and welcoming, but do not expect to converse with them as they where they are busy working with their farms and lands.



Fauna is very rich and still can be, if you look closely you can in the Kanelan turtles and on the streets can your some turtles to cross paths.


Storks are looking for tasty or water snakes on arable land keep their distance from the traffic, so if you have a camea with good zoom, you can make really good shots.


In lizards, they have to be quick as this really funny looking animals are also very quick.

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