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Start point: Car Rental Dalyan Turkey--Sarigerme Village (21.55 km)


Created by: Turgay Uceren 


Short description: This is a 21.55  km scooter route (Dalyan-Sarigerme Village) in Dalyan Turkey. The route has a total ascent of 301.74 m and has a maximum elevation of 152.89 m. 


Hotels on the scooter route: Pearl Appertments Dalyan, Grande Prestige Apart Dalyan, Acar Park Hotel Dalyan, Binlik Hotel Dalyan, Bauhouse Hostel Dalyan

on the scooter route:  Bengisu Treehouse Restaurant Dalyan, Dalyan Waterful Restaurant & Bar, Begonville House Restaurant Dalyan, Nar Danesi Restaurant & Cafe Dalyan, Gölbasi Restaurant Dalyan

Resting places on the scooter route:

on the scooter route: Turtle Statue Dalyan Turkey - Golbasi Restaurant - Lake Sulungur - Ekin Dip Dag Restaurant - Gokbel Village - Mergenli VillageSarigerme Village - Ancient City of Pisilis - Baba Island -

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Formaly known as Osmaniye , with traditional shops, eateries and a drop-dead gorgeous beach, it's got everything needed for a classic Sun and Sand holiday.


It did lost its Village Status in April 2014 now a neigbourhood of the Ortaca Town.


Sarigerme is the name of the Beach, it is not the name of the Place. Osmaniye for some reason become known as Sarigerme in the Tourism sectore. Osmaniye is about 850 meter far from the Sarigerme Beach.


20 to 25 minutes walk away from Holiday Village Palace and Suntopia Tropical , 25 minutes walk away from Hilton Golf Resort. Other Hotels whom are located up in the Hills such as Alinn do have regular shuttle services to the Village .


Sarigerme is not your typical over-commercialised , tourist holiday destination; in fact it is far from it. Situated on the Mediterranean Coast, the beach of Sarigerme and the tiny village of sarigerme (osmaniye) provides a insight into the real, cultural Turkey and the beauty and traditions that come along with it. There are no detailed maps of Sarigerme as it is a really small place yet despite its size this small place it has so much to offer.


The golden-sanded beach stretches around with its seven kilometres of coastline and the clear blue sea offers visitors much choice when it comes to adventurous water sports


Sarigerme seem also a place in the middle earth, far from every where.


Well it may seem so but the reality is far different. Nearest towns are as you properly know,are Ortaca and Dalaman which both are about 20 minutes enjoyible ride away.


If you wish to go to Gocek, 30 minutes ride away. A little further such as Fethiye would take you 45 minutes.Dalyan is 30 Minutes away.


You see, you are not that far after all from these places.


There are some fabulous all-inclusive hotels, particularly suited to family holidays, in Sarigerme such as Holiday Village, Caria resort, Hilton Hotel. Not to mention the smaller once are located in the Village such as Sevgi Hotel, Han Hotel, Cardinal Hotel.


Whether you're here as a family or couple though, you'll love the beach. Attractive sandy beach which hosts water sports, sunbeds and has a shady wooded picnic area,as well as a cafeteria, It's perfect for sunbathing, also the refreshing breezes make it better for sailing .



There are number of villages around Sarigerme which each of them are worth visiting as each of them reflects the natural beauty of the local life. Such as Gokbel, Mergenli, Karadonlar, Fevziye village which all are about 20 minutes away from Sarigerme (Osmaniye).


One of the musts are Dalyan's natural mud springs and Iztuzu beach, a nesting place for protected loggerhead turtles.


12 Island Boat trip for a suberb day out within the Bay of Gocek is something you need to do before gone. Please visit the excursions page within this site for more information.


Sarigerme (Osmaniye) becomes quite lively during the summer months as it has 8 major hotels attracting holiday makers from Europe. And there are more Hotels to come.


There is a main street which has boutiques, restaurants and bars but the main attraction has to be the very attractive sandy beach which hosts water sports, sunbeds and has a shady wooded picnic area as well as a cafeteria.


Osmaniye , remember -Sarigerme is the name of the beach not the Village, It is very quite during day time as most Tourist are having fun around the pool or, are away on Excursions like Daily Boat trips or Jeep Safari..


osmaniye, sarigerme village map25 minutes away from Dalaman Airport


1.45 Hours away from Marmaris


30 minutes away from Dalyan


30 minutes away from Gocek


45 minutes away from Fethiye


Upto 4 hours flight from UK Airports


Sarigerme is Located on the South-West of Turkey.


Latitude:  36° 41.6893' N


Longitude: 28° 41.5753' E

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