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Start Point: Car Rental Dalyan Turkey--Dalyan Mud Bath (1.48 km)


Created ByTurgay Uceren 


Short DescriptionThis is a 1.46 km scooter route (Dalyan-Mud Bath) in Dalyan Turkey. The route has a total ascent of 10.59 m and has a maximum elevation of 17.85 m. 


Hotels on the scooter route: Dalyan Hotel Palmyra - Dalyan BC SPA Hotel - Dalyan Calypso Plus Hotel - Dalyan Yunus Keysan Hotel - Dalyan Riverside Hotel - Dalyan Sirius Hotel - Dalyan Paradise Hotel 

on the scooter route: Dalyan China Town Restaurant - Dalyan Pasha's Restaurant - Dalyan Chef Steak House - Dalyan Bursa Döner Restaurant - Dalyan Melody Restaurant - Dalyan Ocean Restaurant - Dalyan Sevgi Gözleme - Dalyan Holiday Paradise Restaurant 

Resting Places on the scooter route: Many park benches along the promenade

Attractions on the scooter route: Turtle Statue - The Dalyan Mosque - Dalyan Mud Bath

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Dalyan Mud Bath


Dalyan Mud Bath


Dalyan Mud Baths... make you look ten years younger


Why a mud bath?


Believers in the power of the mud say that the tightening effect of the drying mud is what makes the difference. Regular mud therapy can help deal with wrinkles while the healing waters of the spring are said to be the answer to sciatica, rheumatism and stomach problems.


The mud bath, where generally foreign tourist get into the mud and have their photos taken, is always colourful and crowded but gives a good photo opportunity. You can immortalise this moment by posing for the camera before and after getting into the mud, which is supposed to have a beautifying effect on the skin but has also won a reputation engendering a sense of fun.


Take a boat trip from Dalyan to the mud and sulphur baths on the Lake Koycegiz side and wallow, hippopotamus style, in the warm, sticky swamp. It not only claims to have therapeutic properties (curing all manner of ills from skin problems to gastric conditions) but also claims to make you look ten years younger.


Once you have covered yourself in the mud you then wait for it to dry in the sun. The sulphur pool in which you clean yourself after your Mudbath is also at a temperature of 40 degrees.



Dalyan's mud baths have always been popular and some say that Cleopatra herself would make the occasional trip to the region just to visit these baths. The baths have been a magnet for the rich and famous down the years and in recent times celebrities like Dustin Hoffman, Sting, Jack Nicholson, David Bowie, Robert Maxwell and the Prince Felipe De Carlos of Spain have taken a dip on their visits here

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